We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

We Were LiarsWe Were Liars by E. Lockhart
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

We Were Liars Review

First of all, We Were Liars didn’t turn out as good nor as bad as I thought it would be. To come to think about it, it has an approximately 4/5 rating, a spot in the Bestseller’s Section at my local bookstores, some good reviews, a mysterious synopsis, a trending vibe, a lot of recommendations, and lastly, a freaking high price despite the amount of pages it owns. But did I like it? Did I dislike it? I don’t exactly know; my thoughts are mixed on this one.

To start with, I loved the characters, especially the Liars. I loved how the characters appreciated each other, I loved how they interacted, I loved how Cady and Gat had a complicated Romeo and Juliet relationship, and I loved mostly everything about them. They were just so real that I didn’t really fully expect the incident that happened during Summer 15, in contrary to my slight suspicion (I’ll talk about it later). Also, they were part of the characters of the books I read that I felt devastated and emotional for.

Moving on: the plot — it was okay, but not that okay.

I liked the plot twist — how the author managed to insert clues while at the same time, hide it. The flow was also nice and would leave you questions. I liked how Cady had her damaged situation due to an accident which caused her to do things that you wouldn’t suspect that they were real or out of heart.

The thing is, though, I kind of suspected it.

Even though the flow took my mind of this suspicion since everything seemed real, I still suspected it. It might have been because of two reasons: 1. because of the clues the author left behind, or 2. because of a story I read from a friend which had the same plot twist as this one, only that the elements (characters, etc.) were revised. Anyhow, I still suspected it, so the plot twist wasn’t really as mind-blowing as I suspected it to be. I saw it coming. When I finished the book, all I could say was that’s it? That was my main disappointment. To repeat, I was devastated and emotional about it, but then again, I wasn’t shocked so much.

Also, everyone and even the book itself kept on repeating
always remember the title,
we were liars. Sigh, I honestly didn’t even get why they were called liars in the first place. Okay, someone could point out to me facts and theories why they were called liars, but that still couldn’t change how I felt about it, which was: why were they called liars? What did they even lie about? Were they called liars because they lied about how they must get inheritance (which they didn’t), or because they lied about the incident (which they technically didn’t; they just didn’t say anything)? Ugh, I mean, why were they THE LIARS? Those were the questions I kept asking because the title mattered to me, but didn’t get it. Call me stupid, but I didn’t get it, thus making the author have a bad job in answering the readers’ questions.

As for the other things: the setting was perfect and appropriate for the theme, a beach far from urban life was good for a suspense novel; the writing style was grand such as the spacing of words and the persona, though at first I thought the metaphors were literal (she could have changed them to similes); and the fairy tales, randomly (though not that random) spewing out of nowhere, were part of the writing style that I liked for their relationships with Cady’s life, though I couldn’t find the relation at some parts.

So, all in all, did I like this book?
Could be, as you could see with my positive feedbacks and my I liked’s.

Did I dislike this book?
Could be also, as you could see with my though’s and disappointments.

My recommendation? It’s a good, fast-paced, YA suspense novel that many people might like, but a book that many people might find less excellent as they thought it would be.

I could have given this a 3 since I’m feeling neutral about it, but 3 pertains to a clear I liked it while 2 pertains to it was okay so:


*Things We Lost In the Fire by Bastille reminds me of this!

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