Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

John Green. You have, once again, stunned this Nerdfighter with your awesomeness. And John Green, it was very fortunate for me and for everyone who loved this book that you started writing and did not give up – and you started writing with Looking for Alaska.

Before reading this piece of literature, believe me or not, I did not exactly want to read it because 1. very few talked about how good it was, 2. I didn’t like the cover that much (so much about not judging books by their covers), 3. it was published quite a long time ago, 4. I couldn’t actually buy the John Green box set which includes this since I already had TFIOS and Paper Towns, and most of all, 5. I was spoiled with the fact that Alaska would die.

But with all those things listed above, however, I suddenly did want to read this because 1. a lot suddenly talked about it, 2. the special 10th anniversary edition captured my interest, 3. I didn’t care if it was published a long time ago, 4. who cares about box sets, and 5. I survived reading a couple of books whilst spoiled that they would die, so, why not read this?

So basically, at first I didn’t want to, and woop, the next day I did. And that was both a miracle and a blessing.

You see, Looking for Alaska was not one of those YA books you’d usually find. It was kind of different. Special, more or less. I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN! And to be frank, (and considering that I have read only a few books), this was one of the best, if not one of the best,
the BEST
. And you might say oh, that was just because you haven’t read a lot yet, and you’d probably be right, but who gives a shit this was the best.

I L O V E D the characters.
I D I D.
This was one of the reasons why this was the best. THE CHARACTERS. Now, I usually like a book depending on how much I loved the characters, and for some reason, this book had the best characters. They kind of made a resemblance to the characters of Paper Towns, though, but I don’t know, I loved the characters. They were consistent, real, carefully-thought, and everything else about them: the way they acted, laughed about things, thought over stuff, talked, got along together, and everything else. Basically, they appealed to me, and as soon as they did, I immediately gave this book a 5 regardless of some flaws.

However (in my opinion), this book really didn’t have a definite plot, since it just revolved around the life of a high school guy and the events he had been through and not so much for a Looking for Alaska (I’ll explain later), but its own plot in its own way was unpredictably shocking. At first I knew that Alaska would die, so I wasn’t really expecting to be shocked at all, but I was shocked that she died in the middle of the book. I mean, it was so unusual for books to have the main characters have that but, nonetheless, I was surprised. Hell, if I weren’t spoiled, I would have already died. I know, I could have sensed it with the Before and After, but I didn’t, since I thought she would just disappear and they’d look for her (as predicted through the title), so John Green, good job. ALTHOUGH I DO NEED A SEQUEL SINCE IT WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME (in the most positive way).

So, yes, everything turned out to be the best with the characters, plot, setting, theme, and everything else, but here comes the bad side about it: the title. I mean, I didn’t really get the title.

“Looking for Alaska,” said the book.
“But she’s already dead,” replied me throughout halfway of the book.
“Looking for Alaska.”
“She just freaking died so how and why would they look for her? She’s dead, get over it.”
“Looking for Alaska.”
“Looking for Alaska.”
“Fuck you.”

Okay, I might have exaggerated that too much (sorry John Green), but what I was trying to say was that I just didn’t get how the title, Looking for Alaska, related to the book itself. I mean, they didn’t look for her, they were just solving the mystery of the how and the why, so I didn’t see the point. Although maybe there was some hidden meaning about it that people understood that I didn’t, like maybe it meant Looking for the Cause or something, but yeah, this bugged me a bit while reading the book, and you couldn’t change that fact from the past.

BUT ALL IN ALL, this was
the best.
And I’m not exaggerating, that was just my opinion and how I felt about it, so I recommend this to anyone looking for a non-typical YA packed with the best

Rating: Pick any number more than a gazillion/5

– – –
Special 10th Anniversary Edition: Bonus Content Review
Well, it clearly summed up the book, and also my question as to why Looking for Alaska was called as it was — it was a metaphor. I feel so naive now.

The bonus content was okay — the deleted scenes (the writing process, which gave me a glimpse to writing) and the Q&A and all that, but I think it could have been a little bit shorter and I think that there are more ways to make bonus contents interesting.

But all in all, it answered my questions, satisfied the kind of sequel I was looking for, and concluded as to why Looking for Alaska was just simply the best.

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