Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day (Every Day, #1)Every Day by David Levithan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every Day is something. It’s not your ordinary YA book. It’s different. But what’s more than that is that it’s unique.

I was awash in words and thoughts as soon as I closed the book. At the very beginning, I was hooked, captivated, and trapped with Every Day’s unpredictability — a story in which A wakes up in a different body daily. This was what kept me going. You wouldn’t know what was going to happen. You would have no idea how A’s life would go through. It almost had no plot, as each body had their own plots – their own lives. In some sense, you could say that the unpredictability was within the people A inhabits. This was in the fact that this book was about people, in most cases. As A explored their lives, you would get to see the fortunate and the unfortunate, the good and the bad, and all the other people you would meet. It was beautiful. In other words, this book was open with aliveness. It was unpredictable.

Part of that was A’s view of the universe. As a person who lived day-to-day in different bodies and different sexes and genders, his perspective to the world was very impressive. He spoke with experience, knowledge, and wisdom, as if he had known the world very well. He wasn’t going through the motions, he had his own thoughts; his own perspective of the world, of people, of how we should deal with problems. Sometimes, he would talk about stereotypes and how it was a total set of criticisms (which was true), his own version of love, or the force of the universe that acts within. He had his own understanding, and it was just bizarre.

Also, there was the suspense. I liked how the book remained inconsistent, not just because of waking up in a different body daily, but also because of the people questioning his existence, especially by Nathan.

I liked that. It aroused some intensity. It was inconsistent. It was suspenseful.

But most of all, out of all things, there was heartbreak. I couldn’t just bear the thoughts racing through my head as I neared the ending. (view spoiler) A was really trying hard. As in, really, really hard. He wasn’t desperate; he loved Rhiannon, and he wanted to stay with her, and that was just all that mattered. But he couldn’t, and that just put everything into pieces. And that was just heartbreaking.

What’s more, the ending was just… it left me speechless. (view spoiler)

All in all, Every Day was a book of a unique ride to unpredictability, suspense, and heartbreak from a deep yet meaninful outlook.

So if you’re looking for a book and expecting to be awash in thoughts of the world, of people, and of definite love, you know what to do.

An absolute 5/5.

*From what I have read,
Something’s Gotta Give
by All Time Low is the perfect theme song for Every Day, especially for A. You can view the lyrics here.

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