Let it Snow by Various Authors

Let it SnowLet it Snow by John Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let It Snow, a book about three holiday romances. Let It Snow, a book written by three brilliant authors. Let It Snow, a book of three mixed-up feelings.

Apparently, this book is divided into three perspectives from three people who don’t even know each other. And apparently, they’re interconnected. However, each person’s story is different from each other; they’re just linked, but they’re different, hence, my review and rating will be divided into three – one for each story, and I’ll just average the rating for sure.

The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson
Seriously, out of all the three stories in this book, this had the captivating beginning and the lovely ending. Plus, you have no idea how hard I laughed at every page I turned. Everything was just well-organized for the perfect romantic comedy short story. The characters – they were introduced well and they ended up deservingly. The turn of events – THAT WAS THE BEST. I loved how two people ended up not just being two people, how two people shared the same situation, and how two people fixed their broken hearts together. It was just… heartwarming. I couldn’t stand that the story ended; I needed some more! But it was perfect on its own. Just absolutely perfect. Miraculous. Brilliant! LOVED IT!

Basically, it had everything you need for the Christmas-y feeling of romance, joy, and anti-heartbreaks. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone without this story.


A Cheertastic Cristmas Miracle by John Green
Before I get down to the big negative side (yep, you read that properly), there were a few things I liked in this story: 1. The anti-sexist or anti-stereotype message, and 2. the reality of happy endings. These were portrayed well, and I loved it.

But believe it or not, I did not like this story. At all. I actually had high expectations for this one (obviously, and since that was one of the main reasons why I bought this book), but they were not met. Basically, my feelings could be summed up in the question Was that supposed to be romance? 😦 Seriously though. First of all, it was predictable. (view spoiler) Second of all, the characters weren’t introduced properly. Unlike The Jubilee Express, the characters were just there and all. I didn’t get to know them properly. Third of all, the plot was boring. It was just basically three friends going to a Waffle House expecting to make-out with some random cheerleaders and eat hash browns. So, the goal wasn’t that worth-it, and the adventure was boring. Plain. It was as if it wasn’t well-thought. They just drove, crashed, walked, ran, walked again, ran again, and sled (and boop🙂 (view spoiler)

So if these turn of events and these characters, or in other words, if the WHOLE STORY were changed into a more well-thought, realistic, likely, and enrapturing romance, then this book could have been a win for me.


The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle
Now this – this was (almost) as good as The Jubilee Express. The Patron Saint of Pigs introduces you to a character so self-conscious that you’d hate her, yet shows you how she changes by her unexpected turn of events (though it wouldn’t be unexpected for us – see paragraph below). In addition, these events were very well-organized and moving even though the situation seemed like any other person’s situation. Furthermore, the characters were introduced slowly but considerately, which was good, and everything followed up nicely.

Also this was the story were the interconnectedness came up together. It would make you think and go Ooooooh, so that’s why, or Oooooooh, I know where this is going. From the perspectives from the last two stories, the interconnectedness was perfectly related here. It just seemed to add up together well.

What I didn’t like here though was this one character: Tobin. He was different compared to A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle. For some reason, he was less deep. He was not the Tobin who was passive, who was “quite” bashful, nor the Tobin who was chill and cool with everything. I don’t know, maybe I was wrong with his traits, but I just got the feeling that he was different. So it was either because of inconsistency or, then again, the lack of introduction from the previous story.

To sum it into a nutshell, you’d see how one person changes and how everything from the past stories adds up together to conclude an epic, ironic, and romantic ending.


Before I end anything, I just want to add that this book should have been called The Waffle House. Why? The romance was built there. (view spoiler) Besides, I think Let It Snow is just too overused enough (one of the reasons why I hesitated to buy this book).

To conclude, Let It Snow gives you the Christmas-y feeling from three outlooks, and apparently, I got that feeling. Despite the treacherous summer heat (yes, it’s summer around here, and I read a Christmas book, hooray!) around this tropical country, Let It Snow gave me the chills, so basically it means it’s worth it whenever you read it.

For anyone who wants to enjoy the spirit of Christmas in a laugh-out-loud and romantic way!

Like I said, I’d just average the ratings because I can’t really rate this as a whole, so I’d give this one a:

*Theme song? Well, obviously.

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