Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Vanishing GirlsVanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, there’s this girl.
And she vanished.
And there’s this other girl.
And she also vanished.

Vanishing Girls Review

**Mild spoiler alert! There are really no direct spoilers, actually. Just read without spoiling yourself.**

Two words: enjoyable, (but) predictable.

Vanishing Girls, is another novel of a thrill. It has so many (interconnected) mysteries in it that you’d ask yourself “what’s the big mystery in the first place?” And just like other remarkable thriller novels, this was a very good read; it was enjoyable. But what’s “not special” about it was that it’s predictable.

First, I wanna get to the point of how this was an enjoyable read. It’s relatively long for a thriller, and I have to say, it was boring at first; it was so slow-paced and dull that I could say that it wasn’t even a thriller anymore. Now wasn’t that a paradox? But as I read further, it became more and more mysterious. You would start asking questions and begin suspecting, and once you’re in the middle of the book, you’d feel the suspense coming to you – slowly devouring you until you are left with nothing but thrill.

Another thing that made this book enjoyable was that it was in many perspectives, specifically: Nick, Dara, Dara’s journal, websites, texts, and emails. They were all in first-person yet, you could feel like you’re reading from third-person. I also found the characters pretty good too. Nick and Parker were totally shippable, and as for the others, they interacted nicely. Great job.

That was why it was enjoyable – it started off simple, added a hint of suspicion mixed with mystery, and ended with a suspenseful stop from a totally interesting outlook.

Speaking of endings, I wanna point out now on how it was predictable.

Two reasons: front cover and the unrealistic situation.

1. Front cover. So at the front cover, here’s what it says: “‘Alarming and uplifting, a rare psychological thriller that has a kind heart at its center. Read it with all the lights on.’ – E. LOCKHART, author of We Were Liars.” Great job, E. Not to be rude, but, you just spoiled everyone into telling that the thriller is psychological.

2. Unrealistic situation. Like I said, all the other characters interacted nicely into making us believe that the thriller isn’t at all psychological, except for Dara. She wasn’t realistic. Her character always led be to suspicions, and guess what, I was correct, so I totally saw the ending coming. Everything was great and all, but it was predictable. In other words: Great storyline. Brilliant idea. Effective delivery. Enjoyable read. Moving turn of events. Well-constructed characters. Cut-and-dried. Not mind-blowing enough.

In the long run, Vanishing Girls was a great book. Prepare yourself for a ride of questions, mystery, suspicion, suspense, and thrill. But here’s the catch: never overestimate the “plot twist”.

Recommended for anyone looking for an enjoyable read.


*Find You by Alex G is this book’s theme song!

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