How to Love by Katie Cotugno

How to LoveHow to Love by Katie Cotugno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How do you love someone? Is there really a step-by-step guide in loving someone? Would everything be set-up and planned for the perfect affair? How to Love disproves so, so it’s kind of an irony judging by its title.

How to Love Review
Oh my God. First of all, I wasn’t expecting this from Katie Cotugno. Really. Because I was disappointed with her writing style from 99 Days and because this is her FIRST NOVEL, I was expecting a shitty one, to be honest. But no. What did I get? Anything other than shitty.

How to Love introduces us to Reena Montero, a teenager who has loved Sawyer Legrande even before she was born. Shockingly, the two get into a complicated, messed-up, and lovey dovey relationship, until one day, Sawyer leaves pregnant Reena Montero. Years have passed and Sawyer has returned from his unexpected journey, but would he get a very warm greeting from Reena along with her daughter Hannah? In How to Love, we are shown an explicable relationship of two couples who have loved each other and changed for each other.

First of all, what I liked about How to Love was the writing style. God, from the first chapter it was already so bizzare since How to Love shows two alternate perspectives: Renna from Before and Reena from After. In the first chapter, it already started with the fact that Sawyer arrived home from his trip, so it was already intense! Following that was a series of stories from the two perspectives, each with different mysteries, and that kept me very captivated. It was a very effective way of getting me to know her relationships with characters and the like. The same goes with the ending: perfect. I don’t wanna spoil, but it was the ending I really wanted, and I got it. It wasn’t an ending where Reena got selfish. No. It was an ending of loving each other.

Next, like i said, How to Love showed me that loving doesn’t include a step-by-step process. It’s about knowing how to act within situations weather you’re devastated or not. Reena showed me that she could love her baby and love the one who started all this given the scenario. And in the end, how she loved was very impressive.

As for what I didn’t like, well: it was merely the same as 99 Days. Cheating, lesbian character, loving a guy two years above your age, etc. The plots were different, but they had the same map in different concepts. Not that that’s a big deal though, just saying. What I really didn’t like though was how I didn’t get to know more what happened with Saywer Legrande with his “problems”. I was only told that he left because he messed up and fixed it, but I didn’t get to know his “problems” very well, so that was a downer.

Still, with all my like’s and not-like’s, How to Love was a breathtaking debut. Find yourself emotional as Reena shows you that loving is not a want but a necessity.

Recommended for anyone at all. You’ll need this.


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