Lies by Michael Grant

Lies (Gone, #3)Lies by Michael Grant
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Where was The Big Lie?

***WARNING: THERE ARE SOME SERIOUS SPOILERS HERE! But this is not really a warning because most of them are predictable so… but I’d rather not though…***

Lies Review
Omg. I’m actually done with it. It’s not really long compared to other books of the series (heck, I think this one’s the shortest), but it’s a relief in some way.

Unlike Hunger, I would be making a formal review for this one because I have a few things to point out.

As expected: plot = superb. Well done, Michael Grant. You can’t seem to take away the hook you leave to your readers once you let them read your series. I mean, it’s just so amazing that everything was constantly brilliant and well-thought, just like the others.

That’s just it for the good part. But…

To start with, where was The Big Lie? Judging by the title (Lies), I expected some SERIOUS PLOT TWIST at the end between Astrid or Sam or even Quinn or whatever, but there was none.

Was the big lie supposed to be…
… that Osray’s “visions” were from her own imagination?
… that Nerezza was an antagonist?
… that Lana had been reviving Drake all along?
… that Drake was, in fact, Brittney herself?
Because if any of those were, well, I already knew each from the beginning.

The only things I didn’t expect were that Little Pete had been creating an avatar for the Gaiaphage out of his handheld device and that he had controlled the FAYZ wall at the very end. But any of those wasn’t at all “big”, so I was a bit disappointed.

Also, the book started out very slowly with less anticipation and excitement. All there was were Sam and Astrid and ‘Bertos and town council and fishing and The Human Crew and Sanjit’s story (which I found bland and not really necessary) and all those stuff. It was almost as if it wasn’t dystopian, so while I was reading it, I couldn’t count how many times I had fallen asleep because it was very slow-paced. The only thrilling part was the last hundred pages, which I enjoyed very much, but for the rest…. not so much.

All in all, this book was well-thought out, but I personally think that it needs more of a thrill.

You need to read this if you want to finish the series!


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