Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.” – Johann Wolfgang von Geothe

Gone Girl Review
Gone Girl is deadly sharp — a book that would keep anyone breathless and pierced by its pointedness.

On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Nick Dunne finds his wife missing, left by hints of torture, struggle, and even murder. Suspicion clearly arises accompanied by Nick’s nonchalant expressions; lies float mid-air — ultimately waiting to be caught. But here lies a series of what-if’s and wordlessness: is this really Nick’s fault?

I feel like this book is valuable. Based on its high reviews, I expected to be impressed, but I was more than that. Gone Girl talks about marriage, a sacred commitment, and that’s something everyone needs to be aware of. Aware of who you’re devoted to. Aware of who’s beside your bed. What’s more, it was very intense when it delivers the topic of marriage. I personally liked Gillian’s writing style — how it was humorous, devastating, torturing, romantic, and shocking at the same time, along with how the story moved and how the atmosphere remained in the air. Not to mention the characters — the characters were completely likable and dislikable at the same time, making you hooked to their ways, their attitudes, and the like. Furthermore, they never seemed to break off character. Being a book divided into two perspectives with different sexes, — now that’s hard to maintain — what this book had was how it was able to maintain character, and I liked that a lot. It made me feel like whoever I was reading.

Gone Girl is also divided into three parts: Part 1, 2, and 3. However, I’d say that Part 1 was rather slow-paced than I’d expected. It was where the mystery lies — a series of investigations, questions, and doubts, and it was thrilling at first — and where the characters get to have to build-up their identities. But after tens of pages or so, I found the mystery rather off. Sure, nothing was redundant so a lot of things were happening, but honestly, I found the mystery dull which was why I was on a very long book slump (a month). Most people found it very enthralling though, but it just didn’t work for me. The good news is, parts 2-3 left me utterly breathless. They were what made the book so sharp that you’d never see anything coming; my eyes were so glued to every single page that I couldn’t stop reading the next. I’m not gonna spoil, but, what happens — it was something one would never expect; a highly unlikely turn. Also the ending. Man. It was oddly satisfying (for me, at least) to end a book like that (view spoiler). It made me think if I would even want to marry in the future, because sometimes, marriage can be a trap.

All in all, Gone Girl is something everyone needs to read. It clearly highlights what there may be in marriage — which is what I really loved. Although some people might find the scenarios rather unlikely, boring, or low, let me just say that it would still leave a mark no matter how the read was.

Recommended for those who question the real thing.


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