Hai[Na]Ku by AA Patwaran

HAI[NA]KU and other poemsHAI[NA]KU and other poems by AA Patawaran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

HAI[NA]KU Review

First off, I bought this book not knowing it was written by a Filipino, so the introduction quite surprised me. I hadn’t read a handful of books by FIlipinos before, especially when written in English, so I didn’t know what to expect – especially that HAI[NA]KU is a collection of poetry!

Here’s what makes HAI[NA]KU worth the read:

1. Content. There’s a variety of them – from love to travels, every poem has its essence, not just something made-up as a filler.

2. Variety. The types of poems presented here ranges from haikus to free verses. I also remember having seen a ballad.

3. Language. It’s professional. It’s vivid. It’s hallucinating. Some poems really hit me at the hard strings.

4. Filipino pride. With a dash of Filipino culture, I could never have related to this more.

In short, we need more poetry like this.


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