Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Dark PlacesDark Places by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Places Review

Just finished reading Dark Places and…

Dark Places was, too put it simply, nerve-wrecking, flinching, absorbing, and captivating. It was one of those books that one could say “I’m hooked!”, yet, it just didn’t seem enough. Dark Places was more than making one simply “hooked”; it’s a silent yet deadly buzz that creeps in a state of mind, always there, always questioning.

More than that, I loved Flynn’s writing. Vivid and dark, Flynn wrote Dark Places like an ominous poetry, giving her readers a sort of premonition which turns out pretty wrong. Her characters were strong, and her method of story-telling was effective. Some of these include her switch of perspective from different time frames (and the POVs), the cliffhanger endings from each chapter, and the sense of premonition she lets her readers indulge, making them not wanting to put the book down, and if they will, making sure they’d regret it.

Dark Places was also, so far, one of the most well-thought and well-constructed novels I have read. This was from her scene-by-scene chapters that lead up to connections, then complications, then another connection, then bam!, we got us a twist we hadn’t thought of. It’s one of those novels that required late-night thinking, deep research, and a gift to actually link each scene and each concept together. It’s amazing how Flynn could do such a thing.

After reading Dark Places, I was satisfied. The ending, I didn’t expect, although I did get hints of it. Still, I enjoyed how Dark Places’ suspense all-throughout, a characteristic every thriller needs.

A good 5/5.

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