wtf by Peter Lerangis

wtfwtf by Peter Lerangis
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

wtf Review

I don’t exactly know what to say about this book, but I’m certain I have mixed feelings about it.

wtf revolves around six “players”: Jimmy, Cam, Byron, Waits, Reina, and MC, all of who are involved with drug money. And in one night, plans don’t go the way they’re supposed to be, creating an impossible messed-up series of events.

There’s only one thing I liked about this book: it was electrifying. Part of this was the adventure from start to end, the unpredictability and abruptness of sequence of events, and the gripping sense that came along with it. Lerangis’ has that on-the-edge writing style, and that made me enjoy the book.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was meaningless. Apparently, wtf is a story of how teenagers get involved with drugs and clubs and recklessness, and the essence of that is… nothing. I’m that kind of person who likes finding meaning in literature, but wtf has little or no meaning in it. Don’t get involved with stupidity, sure, but that’s it? Or maybe it shows how some teenagers get involved with insane attitudes. Speaking of teenagers, I hated the characters. One thing was that Lerangis forced too much teenager stereotype in them, hence the unnecessary cursing from page to page. Also, hmmm, character development? I got mixed up with Jimmy, Cam, and Byron because they all think and speak alike! Especially, the choice of curses, they were too repeated.

Naturally, I would have hated this, but because I did enjoy the sequence of events (only), I recommend it to readers looking for meaningless fun.


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