Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
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Me Before You Review

Unpopular Book Opinion (???)

I smelled its scent and felt excited on what I was to intake. Me Before You has received a good number of praises, and the hype led me to pick it up. Upon reading the synopsis, though, I figured an unnerving ending. Nevertheless, I didn’t hesitate too long to read a praise-worthy novel.

Wide awake.
Hooked to its flavor, I couldn’t say anything other than “this is so good!” Give me a different and cozy setting, a creative set of characters, a surprising plot, and a bitterly sweet relationship and I’d almost never stop. When Lou applies for a job as a quadriplegic caregiver, Lou is restless from Will’s unpredictable moods, but she tries to change his perspective on who he is.

The caffeine wore out. I felt detached from the characters, typically Lou and Clark, not because of the possibility of the “unnerving ending”, but because in the last hundred pages you can already see what’s going to happen. Eventually, I felt Moyes’ writing style to be cut and dry. There was no “peak”. This must have something to do with character development too; when Will and Lou’s relationship grows, I found myself missing the wit, snark, and offense. And all the while I found their relationship…

. Many praises suggest that I’d be devastated, but surprisingly, I wasn’t. I think the problem was Moyes showed too much of Will—his depression and his plans— I became so accustomed to them that I hardly doubted they would happen. Perhaps if Will was less readable, like at the start, I’d actually feel the intensity of what he’s capable of. But this tension lost as I analyzed Will, and realized that he was, sadly, predictable.

Me Before You was like coffee for me. It got me jittery and hyped at first, but I didn’t feel much of its after-effect once it ended. Moyes showed too much of Will that the tension I expected was organized in different parts of the book rather than giving me one single, shocking blow—making its climax, instead of intense, trifling. All in all, it was perfect until the intensity faded once I got the sense of what was to happen.

A realistic, off-beat, hollowed, romantic read.


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