Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal FarmAnimal Farm by George Orwell
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Animal Farm Review

Bold and pessimistic, Animal Farm is a neat allegory of the rise of Stalin and the Soviet Union that led to the Cold War.

Animal Farm is a direct and straight to the point fable of an important event in history, that has since opened the eyes of blind followers of socialism and its cause. It is a revolutionary piece against Soviet communism, though at the time it was released, people preferred not to hear his message. The message can be quoted from Benjamin the donkey’s motto, that “life would go on as it had always gone on – that is, badly.” Believe it or not, it is mostly true, as socialism did no better than capitalism. It was unstable, rigorous, laborious, and still unequal. The welfare of the animals can also be compared to the welfare of those in the Soviet Union – they believe they are working for themselves but they do not get the satisfaction they need.

Another often overlooked theme of Animal Farm is the concept of propaganda and deception. It is obvious in the novel that the pigs are much more smarter than all the other animals, and so they have a knack on getting what they want through persuasive rhetoric. This just shows that people can be dense and blunt most of the time, as if the thoughts they are supposed to think can easily be spoon-fed to them. On the contrary, it also shows how powerful someone in authority can be, that he can easily convince a mass of people through speech. It was satirical for me to read how the other animals cannot realize the treachery of the pigs to the laws that they have implemented in the first place, but also ironic to think that I, as well as any other person, can easily be brainwashed by those of authority.

Because Animal Farm is clear on its message, it is not that thought-provoking, but it is insightful to think about one of the biggest organizations (that is, socialism) that tried to make its way across the globe. It is also important to note that Animal Farm was an eye-opener to the Soviet myth, “a hierarchical society, in which the rulers have no more reason to give up their power than any other ruling class.”



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